Activating and growing the women’s rugby union community in Victoria

Our Vision

We envisage a world where female and male athletes, of all ages, have equal opportunity to participate, compete and be respected, whether as amateur or professional in the sport of rugby union.

Our Mission

To increase participation of women and girls in Rugby Union in Victoria as players, coaches, referees, managers and administrators.

Our Values

Our values align to the values of rugby globally: solidarity, integrity, discipline, passion and respect.

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Jimmy Orange
    Jimmy Orange

    Founder of Academy Movement Inc.

    “As someone who has been involved in creating multiple public school Rugby Academies in Victoria, I cannot explain the importance of Rugby pathways for our students. When starting coaching girls rugby in Victoria in 2010 there was little opportunity to play club rugby and certainly not a professional team to aim for and so participation and competition was very low. I can now say on the back of some excellent work from the WRDA, girls can flock to play rugby at a young age and continue to be presented with more and more pathways to achieve their rugby dreams”.

    Mike Motu Tauai
      Mike Motu Tauai

      Diversity & Inclusion Manager - Rugby Victoria

      Rugby Victoria Diversity & Inclusion is proud to support the WRDA. As the responsible officer for driving inclusion, I work towards achieving the community pillar of Gender Equality and Respect for Women & Girls within the rugby community. Rugby Victoria and Melbourne Rebels work together to advance women’s rugby at both the SuperW and club level – this can be evidenced across both club rugby Junior Girls & Senior Women’s. Rugby Victoria State Representative programs for Women’s and Girls are opportunities to support female players continue their growth, develop their skills in the hope of reaching SuperW level. Rugby Victoria Diversity & Inclusion facilitates the education of local rugby union clubs so that gender equality and respect for women & girls is achieved. I look forward to continuing working with WRDA. Female rugby will keep growing to new heights especially with Rugby Australia to host Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2029.

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